Why SurveyTester?

Over many years we created surveys for customers and internal stakeholders. Most times this was done under high time pressure. Even if a project start was delayed, the fieldwork go live date was never moved. For testing was never enough time and so the QA team never was able to find all issues inside the surveys. The first two days of fieldwork were used to fix the late found issues and to change the survey due to customer change requests.

Sounds familiar?

Even today
, when talking to corporate Market Research departments or full service Market Research specialists, does not show a different picture. With the raise of mobile devices and a fragmented browser market, the situation is today even worse than ever. "Traditional" testing methods using Excel, Emails and Screenshots are not sufficient enough for getting the best possible results and making the time lines.


How does SurveyTester work?

We thought, there must be a better way for handling the chaotic process of reporting issues, track changes and doing parts of the tests in a fully automated way. So we built a collaborative platform, which understands survey and different survey systems. SurveyTester only needs a test link to a survey and then can support the QA process.

The following three main concepts are used in SurveyTester:



Test Automation

When starting to test a new project, SurveyTester can run fully automated tests. The answers for the tests are mostly random but SurveyTester also learns, if specific questions need special answers. Questions with input limitations or Sum100 questions can be reliably answered during the fully automatic tests. While these tests are running (which are real interviews for the used Survey System), SurveyTester is collecting many information about the survey flow, builds up the Survey Logic Tree and other information pools. Additionally, internal users can also repeat specific test runs with a revised survey version, using the original answers of a test. 


Screenshots with real devices

These days, most surveys are answered with mobile devices. However, the internal process of designing or testing surveys is still desktop-focused.

Small screens are not easy to handle for tasks like entering found issues or change requests.

SurveyTester automatically creates screenshots of every tested page, using a variety of different devices. Some of these devices are virtual (e.g. Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer), while screenshots for mobile devices are created by using real physical machines. We found that emulations are not sufficient for this task.


Team Collaboration

There are many good bug trackers or ticketing systems available in the market, but SurveyTester actually understands surveys and their specific handling needs. When manual testing is done, SurveyTester tracks all tested pages and allows testers to see other tester's issues before reporting their own new findings. A customizable area also allows to classify issues and collecting error types, importance or other information. Testers can even visually mark issues with their mouse, so that other persons can see the exact place of a found problem. Once, an issue is fixed, the tester can get an automatic feedback about the fix.

SurveyTester for Top Management

SurveyTester collects all kind of information when testing is done. These can be used to analyze, where your team is doing well and where your team needs more knowledge or guidance. SurveyTester's reports gives managers detailed information about operations and enables to make your team better. As SurveyTester is a cloud based solution, there is no need for any installation and there are project based costs only.

SurveyTester for Project Managers

Project management for surveys is a complex and time consuming task. Usually one project manager needs to handle multiple surveys and its important to be on top of the most relevant information. SurveyTester keeps track of every found issue, about testing progress and fixed problems. With the build in communication features, project managers keep all relevant information in one single place of information.

SurveyTester for Survey Authors

Survey authors get all relevant information at one single point of information. They can add comments, ask questions to project managers and also see screenshots of the pages where problems where reported.

When issues or change requests are reported in a survey project, Survey Authors often have no idea why specific situations happen. Example: Q45 shows a car-related question, while the tester reported at q2 that currently no car is owned and for q7 that there were also no cars previously owned. These logic problems are often hard to replicate. Using SurveyTester, an author can simply run a fresh interview, using the original testing answers. All original test information are used and the author can define at which question he wants to take over the control. Once, issues are fixed and a new version of the survey is online, SurveyTester can repeat the test run as well and see if the issues are fixed. This only takes some seconds or a minute. 

SurveyTester for internal testers (QA)

Once a Survey is ready for testing, QA members can start with an initial full-automated test. If there are specific needs for individual questions, these can be defined in the test case manager. After automatic tests are finished, SurveyTester has learned many information about the project. QA members can now check all found survey questions, see screenshots made with different devices, see how mobile friendly each shown question is, and how questions are connected together (Survey Flow).

When QA members do their own, individual tests, they can start using any specific question which is already known by SurveyTester. Also during the test, they can jump back AND forward to any other question. This is possible because SurveyTester knows the exact path between the current and the target question. The collaboration part of SurveyTester finally allows QA members to communicate with all other project members.

SurveyTester for end clients

End clients are at some point usually part of the last phase of a survey test. Usually, there are last minute wishes or also issues which were not reported earlier. SurveyTester creates special links for external testers. These do not need to enter any login information and have only access to the testing part of the survey. When external testers check any existing reported issues, SurveyTester only shows issues which were reported by other external testers. This makes sure that the many internal found issues are not visible to end clients.

SurveyTester for Market Research departments

Typically, Market Research Agencies are implementing SurveyTester in their operational process.

Whenever Market Research Departments of corporate companies want to gain more control over the surveys which are delivered by Market Research Agencies, SurveyTester can still be used.

SurveyTester only needs a link to a test survey. It does not need any installation on a server or any other authorization from the MR Agency.

Using SurveyTester gives Market Research Departments the same possibilities described above. Contact us for more information.

Supported Survey Systems

The following Survey Systems are currently supported by SurveyTester. If you are interested getting support for other survey platforms, please contact us. 

Unicom IBM SPSS Data Collection / Dimensions

Fokus Vision Decipher

voxco Survey Software
askia software for surveys

SurveyTester allows Project Managers, Survey Authors, QA-specialists and even End-Clients or other stakeholders working together on making better surveys. SurveyTester is a cloud base solution for testing surveys before they go live. It includes

a collaboration area for the survey team working together, includes screenshots of all tested survey pages made with a variety of devices and performs automatic test runs with just using a Survey Link.