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SurveyTester has been nominated for the MRS/ASC Best Technology Innovation Award 2023.

We are very proud that SurveyTester is shortlisted for the Best Technology Innovation Award 2023. 

The official winners  will be announced at the MRS Black Tie Dinner on December 4th in London.

Do you create surveys yourself, or are you responsible for a team of market research professionals dealing with surveys?

If you’ve worked in the survey business long enough, you know that managing the quality of a survey isn’t easy. Even with a good team, there are so many things to do and check, clients with last-minute change request, and limited time and budgets.


Does this sound familiar to you?


My name is Bernhard Witt and I experienced the same thing many years ago. I created surveys for market research companies and needed to work with many different team members, clients and languages. There always seemed to be too many last-minute changes requested by clients and not enough time and budget for a proper testing.


What would it mean to you and your team if survey testing would be much more efficient and optimized as it is for you today?

  • Would it give more trust to your clients?
  • Would your team be happier if they could leave the office on time?
  • Could you redirect your time and money to other important business matters?

Bernhard Witt, Founder and CEO of 2x4

“Our clients use SurveyTester to check their Surveys before going live. This helps them to handle their projects with better quality, saving time, and budget.”
Bernhard Witt
Founder and CEO

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SurveyTester is a cloud-based system supporting the complete QA process. It integrates with a variety of popular survey systems, including Qualtrics, Unicom Intelligence (IBM Data Collection/Dimensions), Nebu, Askia, IRQuest, LimeSurvey and many more. SurveyTester combines a collaboration platform with AI supported Survey Bots and management tools for managing the survey-testing-chaos. SurveyTester also eliminates the need for testing with mobile devices or multiple browsers.

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How does SurveyTester work?


Test Automation

When starting to test a new project, SurveyTester can run fully automated tests, using its own AI-supported Survey Bots. The answers for survey questions are initially random but SurveyTester quickly learns about specific questions answer needs. Questions with input limitations or Sum100 questions can be reliably answered by the Survey Bots.

During any automated or manual driven tests, SurveyTester collects information about the survey flow while building the Survey Logic Tree and other information pools. This helps coders and project managers later repeat specific test runs with a revised survey version by using original test answers.


Mobile Devices

Depending on the audience, most surveys are answered these days with mobile devices. MR operations, however, typically use desktops with huge screens for designing or testing surveys. For these users, it’s inefficient to handle business tasks and issue reporting via mobile technology. SurveyTester automatically creates screenshots of every tested page, using a variety of different devices. Some of these devices are virtual (e.g. Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer), while screenshots for mobile devices are created by using real physical devices. We found that emulations are not sufficient for this task, so SurveyTester uses a farm of physical devices creating these screenshots.


Team Collaboration

There are many good bug trackers or ticketing systems available in the market, but SurveyTester actually understands surveys and their specific handling needs.
When manual testing is done, SurveyTester tracks all tested pages and allows testers to see other tester’s issues before reporting their own new findings, avoiding double work.
A customizable area also enables users to classify their issues and collect error types, importance, and additional information. Testers can even visually mark issues with their mouse on the survey screen so that other users can see the exact place of a reported problem.
Once, an issue is fixed, testers can get automatic feedback about the solution.

What can SurveyTester do for me?

SurveyTester supports every aspect of testing and checking surveys before going live, making QA easy and efficient.
Depending on your role inside the process, SurveyTester supports your daily work in different ways:

Operations Management

SurveyTester collects a wide range of information that can be used to identify and analyze where your team is doing well and where your team needs more knowledge or guidance. As SurveyTester is a cloud-based solution, no installation is needed and there are project-based costs only.

Project Managers

Project management for surveys is a complex and time-consuming task. Usually, one project manager needs to handle multiple surveys and be on top of the most relevant information. SurveyTester keeps track of every issue regarding the testing progress and fixed problems. With the built-in communication features, project managers keep all relevant information in one single place.
They also get the proof that the survey was tested thoroughly, and which issues were found and fixed.

Survey Authors / Coders

With SurveyTester, survey authors get all relevant information at once. They can add comments, leave questions for project managers ,and see screenshots of the pages where problems were reported.

When issues or change requests are reported in a survey project, survey authors often have no idea why specific situations happen. For example, Q45 might show a car-related question, even if a respondent answered they don’t currently own a car in Q2 and that they’ve newer owned a car in  Q7. While these logic problems are often hard to manually replicate, by using SurveyTester an author can simply run a fresh interview using the original testing answers. All original test information is used, and the author can define to which exact question they wants to jump.

Once issues are fixed and a new version of the survey is online, SurveyTester can repeat the test run and confirm that all issues are solved in less than a minute, compared to hours when checked manually.

Internal Testers/QA Professionals

Once a Survey is ready for testing, QA members can start with an initial fully automated test. If there are specific needs for individual questions, these can be defined in the test case manager. After automatic tests are finished, SurveyTester collects all kinds of information about the project. QA members can check every found survey questions, see screenshots made with different devices, determine how mobile-friendly each shown question is, and how questions are connected together (Survey Flow).

When QA members do their own, individual tests, they can start using any specific question already known by SurveyTester. Even during the test, they can jump back AND forward to any other question. This is possible because SurveyTester knows the exact path between the current and the target question. The collaboration part of SurveyTester allows QA members to communicate with all other project members, making the overall process smoother and more efficient.

Translators, doing link checks

Translation Agencies are often tasked with performing a final check of surveys in different languages, this is sometimes referred to as link checking.

SurveyTester is the ideal platform for supporting this task. It provides translators all the necessary tools to move quickly through the surveys without manually clicking on response grids for hundreds of required survey questions. With the build-in Flow Diagram, users also see which routes are available through the survey, which helps identify all the individual questions and jump to them quickly and easily.

Finally, SurveyTester creates a record of the version of the survey the translator reviewed  and documents all questions seen with screenshots and with the survey metadata.

SurveyTester can be accessed with a simple URL link, for supported survey system, even if the MR agency is not using SurveyTester on the survey project.

Corporate Market Research Departments

Typically, it is Market Research Agencies who implement SurveyTester in their operational process. Using this tool, however, Market Research Departments of corporate companies can gain more control over agency delivered surveys. A tester using SurveyTester only needs the URL link to a test survey. SurveyTester does not need to be installed on a client server, nor does it require any other authorization from the MR Agency who coded the survey for the client.

Using SurveyTester gives Market Research Departments the same possibilities described in the above sections.

Enduser Clients

Clients are usually included in the final phases of a web survey launch. This usually includes last-minute client wording request or the finding of other issues that weren’t previously reported by internal testers.

SurveyTester creates special links for external testers. These do not require entering any login information and only offer access to the testing part of the survey. When external testers check any existing reported issues, SurveyTester can include a filter that only shows issues that were reported by other external testers. This makes sure that the many issues reported by internal testers are not visible to end clients.


SurveyTester helps you saving time and budget.

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Supported Survey Systems

SurveyTesters’ architecture allows different survey systems to connect. Our team makes sure that the connector to a system understands how the systems html is structured and how information about a survey can be detected.

The following systems are currently supported by SurveyTester. If you are interested in getting support for other survey platforms, please contact us. Our team is developing new integrations and can tailor integration to your individual needs.

Are you using a different Survey System?
Please let us know and we will add the right connector for your needs!

Surveytester Academy

All SurveyTester users have access to the SurveyTester Academy. Learn best practices to successful QA, how to create test plans, how to work with multi-language surveys, and much more.

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