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SurveyTester is a cloud-based system supporting the complete QA process. It integrates with a variety of popular survey systems, including Qualtrics, Unicom Intelligence (IBM Data Collection/Dimensions), Nebu, Askia, IRQuest, LimeSurvey and many more. SurveyTester combines a collaboration platform with AI supported Survey Bots and management tools for managing the survey-testing-chaos. SurveyTester also eliminates the need for testing with mobile devices or multiple browsers.
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Supported Survey Systems

SurveyTesters’ architecture allows different survey systems to connect. Our team makes sure that the connector to a system understands how the systems html is structured and how information about a survey can be detected.

The following systems are currently supported by SurveyTester. If you are interested in getting support for other survey platforms, please contact us. Our team is developing new integrations and can tailor integration to your individual needs.

Are you using a different Survey System?
Please let us know and we will add the right connector for your needs!

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