What is the best System for Web Surveys?

by Bernhard Witt


Is Askia better than Qualtrics?

Is ConfirmIt better than Unicom Data Collection (Dimensions).

How does Nebu compare to Quantilope? 


I hear these kinds of question pretty often, and usually, everybody has already his own opinion about that question.

Today, I heard in a meeting the statement that "vendor X said their software is better than the software from vendor Y, because Y does not develop the software anymore further." If that is the truth, however, is something that X does not really know for sure.


In fact, I have also my own opinion about that question. 


I am working for over 25 years in the Market Research industry and have seen many companies and technologies coming and leaving. Many of today’s available systems are from companies who were already said dead and they are still there. It’s like the question, what is better: Spanish or French!


While many Survey System are more or less interchangeable in their core functionality (and I apologize for this view to those who see that completely different), they also share weak points of topics, which are not on the radar of many survey software companies. 


Here are some examples:

-       Interviewer Management for CATI companies.

-       Optimizing the QA processes for better Survey Quality

-       AI-driven Panel Management and Respondent Fingerprints


Some companies like run:e, 2x4 Solutions or Sample Ninja offer great solutions for that kind of missing functionality. They focus on a specific business related problem and offer survey system independent solutions, using interfaces to integrate into a variety of different survey systems.


Run:e MR Orga, for example, is used for fieldwork management and administration. It tracks the activity of call center agents for salary payments and allows planning shifts and a lot of other cool things.


Sample Ninja's Precision LiveSampling optimize the whole Sample selection process in a new way, adding state of the art security and digital finger print usage.


2x4 SurveyTester is optimizing the whole Survey Testing process, using AI driven bots, creates screenshots on real mobile devices and offers a collaboration platform for everybody who is working on a survey project.


These systems have the ability to co-exist with different and multiple survey systems. More info are available at their specific websites: www.run-e.comwww.sampleninja.io and www.surveytester.com


This list is far from being complete and shows only a small subset of great tools that can integrate into Survey Systems and optimize the process of Data Collection.


Do you know other examples of cool systems, leveraging MR processes? Then write me an email or enter your comment below.



Bernhard Witt

2x4 Solutions GmbH