Great Minds Think Alike.

Like MANY GOOD IDEAS: They usually do not happen to come to one single individual alone. In the case of SurveyTester, there were Jim Sugrue from Channel Group Inc. and Bernhard Witt from 2x4 Solutions GmbH, having similar ideas about making testing of surveys more efficient and easier. Both also developed a testing system for surveys, using different technology and concepts.


Today, SurveyTester is a cloud based system build and operated by 2x4 Solutions GmbH while Channel Group Inc is focusing on documentation and sales for the North- and South American market.


Contact us for any more information about SurveyTester:

Europe, Midle East, Africa, Asia & AUstralia

2x4 Solutions GmbH

Eichenring 23a
84562 Mettenheim

Bernhard Witt

Phone: +49 174 1674678

USA, Canada

Channel Group Inc

3701 North Ravenswood, Suite 204
Chicago, Illinois 60613-3553 



James Sugrue

Phone: +1-773-880-0034


PASS Mexico

Avda. Insurgentes Sur 1685, Piso 

Col. Guadalupe Inn

01020 CDMX, México

Tel. (55)5682 8768, 1797, 7722 y 5536 3061

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