30. April 2020
What is the best Survey System? I will tell you and you will be surprised.

22. October 2019
What is the best way to start with SurveyTester? This article shows how to get your first project running and getting QA done with minimum effort and better quality.

09. August 2019
Imagine you could easily test surveys with multiple languages. SurveyTester contains new features to make QA for such projects very efficient.

08. May 2019
SurveyTester shows your Survey Logic in a unique visual view. See the flow of your surveys and easily identify errors.

07. May 2019
Are you using qualtrics for your surveys? That's great. We opened the SurveyTester beta phase for the renewed qualtrics interface. Read more if you are interested to help to test​.

22. March 2017
Since the very beginning of SurveyTester years ago, every client requested that one feature – Automated Survey Testing. Today we can announce that this is possible. You can look forward to settling back, while SurveyTester does all the work for you!

16. February 2017
Since some time, surveys with utilizing new technology like AJAX created more and more problems for SurveyTester, or more precisely the testing with SurveyTester.

14. February 2016
TNS Infratest in Germany makes extensive use of SurveyTester when fielding any new online survey. Rudi Hirmke, global sourcing professional at TNS Infratest, says that over 100 individuals have used the tool since its introduction last year.