Answer Log

If you click on the Answer Log icon on the first page of a test run, you will see this form, as there are currently no answers recorded for this test run.

Select an answer to the question(s) on the first survey page and proceed through your test run for a few pages. Then click on the Answer Log icon.

The most recent survey page and answers are inserted at the top of the list, while older pages/answers move down as the list grows. The tester is on the fourth page in this survey, and there was only one question on each of the three previous pages (Language, Entrance, and WhenInterviewed).

After responding to the demographics question, we proceed to the next page in the survey and view the updated Answer Log. There were three questions on the demographics page, and all the selected responses are now shown in the Answer Log.

Here is the routing diagram for this survey, so you can compare it to the list of survey pages in the Answer Log.

While using SurveyTester, you can keep the Answer Log form open as you go from page to page in the survey or close the Answer log form and re-open it if/when you want to review the answers you had selected for previous questions.

This is an excellent feature for reviewing routing logic.

Yes, it took me only five seconds to answer the first nine questions in this test run. The entrance was the first question, WhoWith being the ninth question I encountered in this test run.

The Auto-Next feature is a fantastic time saver.

The approximately 40 minutes it took to move from the WhoWith to the Resident question could have been more efficient.

Complex Grid pages can be captured by Answer Log. How they are displayed in the Answer Log will vary based on the question template.

Keep the Answer Log form open as you proceed through a test run to confirm your previous answers have trigged the correct question insertion and routings.

In this example, the tester noticed that he had selected the wrong age category response on the previous survey page. Respondents under 21 will not be asked questions about the liquor service at the museum. Before answering the type of School question, the tester returned one page and changed the Age category response. The Answer Log feature recorded the selected responses both times the page was launched.

Since the tester has landed on the School page twice, it will also appear twice in the answer log. No answer was selected on the first landing (3:02:54), and High School was selected the second time the page was viewed.

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