AutoAnswer Menu Items

The AutoAnswer function is a fantastic time saver for grid questions.

For example, on the mandatory response question above, you have three options:

  1. Click 10 times: once for each of the 10 items in the grid and then once on the Next button on the survey page.
    This would be the only choice you would have without SurveyTester.
  2. Click two times: once on the AutoAnswer menu bar item and then once on the Next button on the survey page.
  3. Click one time: once on the AutoNext menu bar item.

The responses are randomly selected. Different answers might be specified each time you do AutoAnswer on the same question.

If you click AutoAnswer, SurveyTester will automatically answer any single, multi-response, numeric, and grid questions on the page. In some cases, AutoAnswer will generate an invalid response to a question (such as an alphanumeric response in a numeric field). When this happens, an error message will display when you click to move to the next question/page. The error will then need to be manually corrected.

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