Classification Fields

Classification Fields are essential for collecting additional information about issues found by the testers. While for fixing an issue, a screenshot and a description of the problem is usually sufficient. Using classification fields allows you to collect additional information about the type of issue, severity, or other areas of your interest.

Once you start the administration, click “Classification Fields” to set up the fields. The number and content of all classification items are under your control. The system allows each company to create its own unique classification sets.

Each project uses one set so that you can create multiple sets with different settings for different project types.

Your company already contains a Default Classification Set you can use and change.

The three examples (Status, Issue Type, and Priority) shown in this document are examples of some sets used by SurveyTester clients. Your company account will have different classification fields. You can create a new set with the “Add Field Set” Button. Within a set, you create new fields with the “Add Field” button and then click the question type button (e.g., Droplists)

Inside the field table, you can change the field name and type. The columns underneath “Tester Visibility” define who can see the field during testing a survey. Please take a look at our definition for internal and external testers here. Underneath “Overview Handling,” you can define if the field can be used in the issues overview table and if users can change the field in the overview. Users can still hide fields in their table settings.

The “Use as Color Code” checkbox enables testers to see selected field values in the overview of the issues without the need to show the details. You need to assign colors to individual field values for using this feature.

The “Must Answer” field indicates if the field is mandatory to use for new issues. We suggest handling this setting carefully because testers can only report an issue if they select an answer for the field.

When you move your mouse over a field line, you can see new icons for deleting a field or rearranging the order of fields. The order is used during testing and in other places inside SurveyTester.

If a field is already used within projects, it is possible that you cannot delete it. In this case, you can make them invisible for testing and inside the overview.

Field Values

When clicking on a field row, you will see the field values. You can define the value name and assign a color.

The column “Close Issue” indicates if an issues internal status is set to “closed” once the value is selected for an issue.

You can use the field “Is Default” for one value within a field to indicate if a value is used for the initial selection for new issues.

You can change the order of values and remove them with additional icons that appear once you move your mouse over a value row. Use the “Add Item” button to add new values.


The number and type of classification fields are at your discretion. When using SurveyTester, you should decide the types of classification fields you need and create them as soon as possible. Once you have completed projects and used existing classification sets, you can change the labels for individual items but not delete them, as they will be tied to test runs.

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