Create Mobile Phone Screenshots

SurveyTester offers multiple ways to check the look and feel of mobile surveys.

The typical way of creating screenshots with SurveyTester relies on the technology of the Survey Template. Responsive-designed templates work well with SurveyTester’s Screenshot engines: The same HTML used for running the interview on a desktop Chrome browser was sent to real devices or emulators to render the screenshots. While this worked well in the early days of SurveyTester, more and more survey systems and templates use Javascript for dynamically loaded content. This and other issues can cause screenshots to fail or to display different layouts, as you would see when a survey runs directly on a mobile phone or other devices.

Since the beginning of 2024, you can run SurveyBot-driven interviews directly in a Chrome Mobile Device emulation with screenshots created directly in the SurveyBot engine. While our legacy Screenshot devices work with real hardware, like Samsung Galaxy phones, SurveyBots runs on regular Chrome Browsers. When you run SurveyBots in Mobile Mode, Chrome emulates a mobile device, and the results are comparable to actual Android screenshots. SurveyBots take screenshots while they run through an interview, so the known issues from the old way of creating screenshots are not relevant anymore.

Here are some easy steps to set up a new project and use SurveyBots running interviews in Mobile Mode:

Create a new Project

Select Screenshot Device

Start Test with SurveyBots

Wait until SurveyBot completes the interview

Check Screenshots in Test Runs

The generated screenshots are taken directly within the running interview, giving you the best visual mapping of what actual respondents can see.

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