In Microsoft Edge, go to the same Web page:

This page will allow you to download and install the Edge extension (even though it says Chrome).
You will see this message at the top of the page in Edge.

The SurveyTester extension page will be displayed. Click on Add to Chrome, and the extension will be installed in Edge.

With the addition of the Chrome/Edge browser extension, we can support many more survey providers and surveys using complicated JavaScript technology.

External Testers

Of course, we remembered your potential external/client testers.

Since external testers do not typically have a SurveyTester account, we want them to have even less trouble with an extension for testing surveys. So, this easy and fast way to get the extension also applies to external test links.

Whoever receives and starts an external user test link will see a message informing them about the Chrome/Edge extension. Again, two button clicks later, the tester is already inside the survey and can concentrate on testing it.

See the SurveyTester-Extensions guide for more details.

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