Edit Issue

When you click Edit, you will see a form with many parameters for the issue. The appearance of the form can change substantially from company to company because the form’s contents are under the system administrator’s control.

Programmers who have fixed issues and wish to enter notes on the issue often use this form.

Some programmers/scripters prefer to complete the form as they go; others concentrate on fixing the issues and then go back and complete this form when they have a free moment. (See the Administration of SurveyTester section for more information).

Programmers may also use this form to submit questions to the reviewer who entered the item, asking for any clarifications that might be needed.

Clicking on the screenshot’s menu item will show all the screenshots for this survey page. It may take a few minutes to render some of the screenshots on different devices.

When the programmers/scripters have finished working on the issue, they can assign it a different status (fixed, closed, re-test, etc.).

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