Click on the Erase all button to clear all responses on a page.

When performing automatic test runs, the chance of getting stuck on a single page was often encountered. Questions like “What is your yearly income,” which had a minimum or maximum range requirement, could be hard to comply with when using pure random answers.

SurveyTester can now interpret error messages shown after a wrong entry was used. Even if the first answer to a question was wrong, the error message might give SurveyTester a hint for a valid answer to be used in subsequent automatic test runs. This feature applies to numeric, text, and categorical answers (e.g., only answers).

For example, SurveyTester can now (often) answer Sum100 questions correctly. Typically, these questions show several numeric entry boxes underneath the question text. The individually entered numbers need to sum up to 100 (or any other specified number). When SurveyTester gets an error message for such a question that contains the target sum, it then attempts to enter the correct values to pass the question with the right answer.

The TestCase feature allows you to specify how a question could/should be answered in advance.

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