The General tab shows many Project attributes

Project Name: An alphanumeric field for the informal project name.
Project Type: The type of survey being tested. Supported survey platforms include IBM SPSS Data Collection
(Dimensions/ UNICOM Intelligence), Confirmit, Kinesis, LimeSurvey, SurveyWriter, Firefly, Decipher, Rogator, Nebu, Voxco, Askia, Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey, Morar, IRQuest, and Additional platforms can be added at the user’s request.
Survey Link: The survey URL, website, or any other document to be tested.
Project Folder: A List box to select a previously defined folder.
Default Language: The primary language of the project.
Classification Field Set: SurveyTester allows you to have multiple sets of classification fields that can be appropriate for internal testers, external clients, programmers, etc.
Project Manager: Drop-down list of active/defined users.
Finish Date: The anticipated date that testing will be completed.
Last Change Date: Date and time of the last issue reported on the project.

Additional Settings

Closed Project: Selecting this item will ‘close’ this project and move it to the closed Projects folder in the project structure.

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