You can create custom links that launch the survey in any of the languages in which the survey has been coded. The parameter that is specified will be appended to the default survey link. These parameters vary by Survey Software platform.

If you have a language question in your survey, the system can read the response items (languages) to the language question and create a categorical variable that can later be used to launch test runs in that language.

We have added Language Sets which allow you to combine often-used language choices into a set stored on the server. Language Sets are stored for users and, once they are defined, can be used for other projects. When loading an existing set to a project, all languages defined in the set will be added to the list of languages in the new project. After that, individual languages can be deleted or changed, or other languages can be added. It is possible to repeat adding different language sets to the same project.

The Project Language form contains the Save and Load Buttons.

SurveyTester support for multi-language projects (8 min)
The video will guide you through handling multiple languages in your Survey. It will:
 guide you through setting up the project using various languages
 show you how to set up languages manually or use a language set you have already defined
 show you how to do test runs using multiple languages

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