Manage Backups

The primary purpose of the Backup feature is to save an archive copy of the project, which could be restored to Survey Tester later.

You can also download backups of screen captures to assist in issue resolution and archiving. A zip file is exported from Survey Tester with all the screen captures generated for each project test run.

A list of your current backup files is displayed on the Backups tab in the System Settings form.

Clicking on the Create Backup check box on the Lifecycle form will create a backup of the project in its current state. That backup will then appear in the Settings/Backup tab. After creating the backup, you can un-check this box to change the project status to open/active.

The file that is created and downloaded has a file type:’. sproj’.

Go to the folder where the file was downloaded and change the file extension/type to a .ZIP file type.

You can then extract the contents of that .zip file and view all the screen captures from the completed test runs.

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