The Pages & Routing Tab uses all available test run information from the start of a project to the end. We added a new filter that you can use to reduce the viewed data based on time, languages, test cases, and markets.
The Issues tab and the routing diagram use this new filter. If you want to use date ranges for the filter, you first create milestones in the Project details tab. Use appropriate names for the milestones, like “Version 2”, so you can select them easily in the filter dialog.

SurveyTester learns about the structure of your survey from every test run. It stores information about questions, the labels for different languages, and the routing. When the routing structure of your survey changes, the Jump-To-Page feature might have problems because the stored information is inaccurate. To solve this problem, you can limit the ‘used answer log’ data based on specific milestones.

SurveyTester supports the usage of milestones. These are tags that you can connect to specific dates and times. You can select these milestones for filtering data in the Pages and Routing part of your project. Because deleting information about previous test runs is not always possible.

For example: The first round of your survey had the following routing: Q1 -> Q2 -> Q3 ->Q4

SurveyTester learns from this and uses the information for the Jump-To-Page feature. It knows this sequence of questions and the correct answers to enable the system to walk thru the survey.

When the survey programmers add an additional page within that routing, we are in trouble: Q1 -> Q2 -> Q2Sure -> Q3 ->Q4

After Q2, we would expect to proceed to Q3, but now there is Q2Sure before Q3.

We have implemented some techniques to do a random answer in such a case, but there could also possibly be a different routing from Q2Sure to something other than Q3, depending on the selected answer to Q2Sure.

This means that the internal Database that tracks all the test runs sometimes contains incorrect routing information.

This is where Milestones come in.

When creating a Milestone, you must specify a date and time of the Milestone and give it a name. Example: Oct 1st, 2021 –Routing Changed Oct1 Added Q2Sure

By default, the time and date displayed in the form will be for the time zone in which our servers are located, which is ‘W. Europe Standard Time’. You can change the time zone in your account settings. See page 163 for more details.

You can then use a milestone to define which test runs it should use to determine the current, correct path through the survey.
Currently, the Milestone filter is only available at Pages & Routing (Filter Symbol at the top).

The Milestone popup box might also display Languages / Test Case / Market information depending on the Project’s definitions. You can filter the results shown on the Test Runs page by selecting from the items in this filter box.

In this example, the date and time we selected: 10/2/2021 – Male Routing from Demographics, was changed, and we also chose only the Spanish language test runs to be displayed. This will show all Spanish test runs completed since 12:06 AM on 10/2/2021 (October 2, 2021).

This is the routing diagram before applying the filter.

This is the routing diagram after applying the filter.

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