Missing Image Detection

When using images in a survey, there is always the risk that the link to the image is broken. This can happen if the survey author makes a mistake or if somebody deletes or renames the image at a later point.

When testing a survey manually or automated (using the Survey Bots), SurveyTester can detect all missing images and report them as a tech issue. You can work with these issues as you do with manually reported issues. However, if you delete such a tech issue, SurveyTester recreates it once it finds the problem again.

Before SurveyTester tries to find missing images, you need to switch on this feature:

  1. Login to SurveyTester
  2. Open the Admin area using the Gear Symbol at the top right area. If you do not see that symbol, contact your SurveyTester Administrator.
  3. Select Company Settings at the left list.
  4. Scroll down to the SurveyTesting headline.
  5. Switch on Detect Technical Errors.

You can now start a new test run with a survey that uses broken image links. SurveyTester adds issues to the project if it detects a broken link, and the checks are also done when you use Survey Bots for testing automation.

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