The Routing button on the top of the Pages & Routing form shows a diagram of the routing in the survey; this is a cumulative routing based on all the test runs for this project.

The first time you view the Routing form in SurveyTester, you will probably see a simple routing diagram.

The question responses specified by previous testers are displayed in gray in the routing diagram.

Clicking on the Menu icon at the top left of the routing page will display a list of items that can be shown on the routing diagram. You can “hide” the number of testers who tested each question, the answers selected, the response name, and whether to color code the question names.

You can also download the current routing diagram’s image file (routing.png).

As more and more tests are run and users move through the various routings in the survey, the routing diagram will get more and more complex.

You can also display and resize screen captures on the Routing page. Click on a page name box to display the screen captures on the page.

Click on any of the screen captures to launch a zoomed-in screen capture.

Creating the Flow diagram for very long and complicated surveys can take some time. SurveyTester loads the favorite projects, the last used projects, and the projects in open folders.

You can speed up the loading process for your next login if you collapse unused folders. If a folder is opened and the project list is not yet loaded, this will be done when the folder is opened. Overall, the process is now working about 60% faster, and you can influence the speed by collapsing unused folders.

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