Show Issues

When working with a team, others (or yourself) might have found issues from a specific survey page and reported them with SurveyTester. The Show Issues Button gives you an overview of these issues. The Overview shows only issues reported for the current page (e.g., DemographicsPage).

The picture shows two reported issues for that page, and you see also that they belong to the English survey. The first issue also offers a small bubble with 1 as content. This means that there is one comment on this issue available. Click on one of the issues, and you will see its details page.

This second image shows the details for issue #1.

It contains information about the last update, who created this issue, and the classification fields like Priority and Issue Type. These fields were selected by the project manager and helped to classify issue types for later analysis.

The issue description contains the comments from the person who identified this issue. You can click on the text editor to change the narrative. After the first click, the editor shows a bar with different formatting possibilities.

Underneath the editor, you can see comments from other testers. You can create your own comment if needed. As mentioned in many examples in this guide, it is essential to know that your screen’s view may differ depending on your user rights.

Every change you make here will be immediately pushed to the server so that others in the team are working with the latest information.

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