Show Screenshot

This item shows the actual screen as seen by the tester who reported the issue as it was at the time. SurveyTester renders it in several different browser versions. By clicking an image (while in SurveyTester), you can enlarge it to its full-screen size.

The screenshots are rendered in browser/device emulators on our servers. This is done automatically and saves testers hours by not having to launch the survey on dozens of devices and browsers to find layout issues.

Screenshots can take some time to produce; therefore, an asynchronous queuing mechanism is implemented. If a screenshot still needs to be produced, you will see a placeholder instead of the screenshot.

Different screenshot engines on our servers have different speeds, so some screenshots may be produced earlier than others.

We added a refresh button to the Screen. It is at the top right of the device selection at any place where you can see a screenshot. Press the button, and the screenshot will be requested again.

Here is a link to a YouTube video: for a short demo (English) of this feature.

Please note that the original HTML code of the test will be used for the screenshots. So, if a tester uses Firefox, the screenshots will be used with that HTML code. If your survey system optimizes HTML code for specific browsers, the result will be different than what you expect.

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