SurveyTester Browser Extension

SurveyTester User Interface

The SurveyTester Browser Extension adds testing functionality to your existing survey pages. When the extension is installed, it is active if you start a survey from within the SurveyTester environment or a specific SurveyTester Test Link.

The test screen is divided into the more significant upper part, containing your survey to test, and a smaller bar at the bottom of the page in dark mode. You can activate additional floating or docked windows to the screen. You can test your survey with available possibilities like entering answers or using the next or previous button the same way you would do without using SurveyTester.

This short guide shows you the additional possibilities you will have, using the SurveyTester Browser Extension.

SurveyTester Bubble

The Screenshot above shows the collapsed SurveyTester Bubble with a number inside. The number shows how many open Issues are reported on that survey question. When you move your mouse over the collapsed bubble, it will expand to the version you see on the left.

The expanded Bubble includes some buttons, which you can use for switching on/off some more SurveyTester windows.

Answer Log

Survey Info

Survey Checklist

Navigation Buttons

In the middle of the SurveyTester Bar are blue buttons for quickly run through the survey. Depending on the project settings or your permission, some of the buttons are possibly not available to you.

  • The Back / Next Buttons allow you to move back or forward in your survey quickly. Their function is identical to the built-in buttons of your survey; however, they often are easier to find because of their fixed position on the bottom of the screen.
  • The Erase Button deletes all given answers on that page and allows you to start entering answers to the page again. If the survey system does not allow to erase of answers, this button is set to inactive.
  • The Auto Answer Button answers the questions on that page for you. This is extremely useful if you need to walk through grid questions as it allows you to give answers for all questions on a page with a single mouse click.
  • The Auto Next Button is identical to the Auto Answer Button, but after answering the question, the next button of the survey is pressed. So you can quickly move to the next question with the automatically created answer.
  • The Auto-Complete Button is switching on a self-running mode, where SurveyTester runs thru the end of the survey, giving random answers.

Page Name & other Information

At the right of the bottom screen, SurveyTester shows the current page/question name.Depending on the used Survey System, this can be something like “Demographics” or something more technical like “K928-192”. These names are generated by the Survey System and SurveyTester picks them up and uses them to assign your test and findings to the right place. If you are using Test Cases or selected a Market Definition, you will see some more information in this area as well.

Auto Answers

The automatically created answers are initially random, but as soon as an error message appears on the screen, SurveyTester will use the message to find a more suitable answer that fits the given restrictions.

As an example, think of a sum grid, where the single lines need to sum up to a specific number. This can be a static number or a number previously entered for another question. When SurveyTester finds an error message like “Please make sure the numbers add to 100%”, then the Auto Answer algorithm will interpret this information and answers the question in the right way.

So if you use the Auto Next button, moving through the survey quickly, a page may show up again with an error message. In this case, press the Auto Answer Button again, and SurveyTester will usually find the correct answers for this question.
For very complex questions, the algorithm might not find the correct answers. In this case, you can enter the answer manually and use the survey’s next button.

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