Test Cases

Test Cases allow you to specify a response criterion for your test scenarios.

  • Specify that automatic test runs consistently choose the same response for a question. For example, item 1 at Question Q1 and/or the 3rd response on question Q7.
  • Specify the responses to a question that should be selected by the percentage of automatic test runs conducted using the selected TestCase.
  • Bypass custom validations (e.g., for British postal codes) as the auto-complete feature does not allow defined random values for text questions.
  • Define multiple test scenarios to go through different routing flows in your surveys. For example, if the client only made changes to section B of a survey, you could create a TestCase flow that ensures all future automatic test runs (using the specified Test case) always go through the routing that takes them to Section B.

See page 111 for more details on Test Cases. [to do]

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