Transition Times between Test Run Steps

In SurveyTester, we meticulously capture the transition time between each survey page in milliseconds. It’s important to note that the displayed times include a slight overhead for SurveyTester communication.

When inspecting transition times from Test Runs generated by the SurveyBots, you may observe higher numbers due to latency between your server and the survey bots. This latency is a natural aspect of the communication process.

The color coding for transition times is dynamic, providing real-time insights. If an individual time falls below double the median of all transition times, it is flagged in green within SurveyTester, indicating optimal performance. Conversely, if it exceeds this threshold, it is highlighted in red, signaling a potential issue.

This dynamic approach within SurveyTester eliminates the need for fixed thresholds, allowing for a more adaptive and accurate system performance assessment.

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