Unlock Auto Complete

A new button has been added to the taskbar displayed during a test run (if you have proper user permissions). It is labeled: Unlock Auto Complete. By default, the Unlock Auto Complete box is grayed out. This button is only available if your SurveyTester Role settings allow you to “Jump Pages.” For internal or external testers who
cannot jump pages, the button will not be displayed.

This function allows a tester to complete a manual test run without having to click AutoNext on each page.

It is the equivalent of an automatic test run but an automated test run that can be started at any point within the survey.

When you move your cursor over the box, it will turn red.

Because a single click would be unfortunate for someone accidentally activating an auto-completion, you need to click on that box twice to activate the auto-complete function. The first click will start a three-second countdown timer.

You have three seconds to click on the box a second time to activate the auto-complete function.
If you do not click on the box within three seconds, it will return to its faded gray color. If you click on it within three seconds, your screen will refresh (many times), showing each page as the system completes the entire survey.
When running, the AutoComplete button will contain the Click to Stop text.

Clicking on the box while the Click to Stop label is displayed will stop the auto-complete run on the next page in the survey (there is a slight delay). You can manually complete the test run or use the Previous button to go back through the survey to view the responses the system had chosen on each page. You can re-activate the AutoComplete function at any time during the test run and let the system complete the test run.

The Auto Answer function cannot answer correctly if your survey has some questions, such as a zip code in this example. You can click the Stop button, enter a valid response, and then restart the auto-complete.

For extensive surveys, this is a great way to jump around in the project to view various routings.

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