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Performance improvement & reducing network traffic

  • SurveyTester uses technology to update any changes very frequently, making sure that everybody in the team has the latest project information available. However, when issue texts were updated, we did too much. After every keystrocke, we saved the new text to the database and updated all connected browsers with the new content. As a quick improvement, we changed now the save event, so that the new text is only processed when the user leaves the text field or copies text to it. This should reduce the amount up update calls dramatically and improve overall performance.
    As a next step, we will add an edit button and a save/cancel possibility. We also will block the edit possibility, if another user is already editing the same field.

  • We found an issue where users used multiple browsers with SurveyTester at the same time. For the moment we recommend using one single browser only on the same PC. Also, using different PC's with the same login should be avoided, as your session might crash and you are logged out from the system. We are working on a solution for that issue.

  • Finally, we also implemented some new features:
  1. When you create new users, you do not give the user a password anymore. You jst add the email address and specify the user role. The user will then get an email with a time limited one-time link for the first login.

  2. When working with multiple languages in a survey, where there is a language question used, SurveyTester can now define the languages with just some few clicks. We added a database with different ways of defining such language questions in multiple languages. If the automatic language detection does not work, please contact us with the name of your project, so that we can check the details. There are many different ways to ask for a language and SurveyTester understands many of them, but likely not all yet. 


Performance improvement

  • As we introduced the new HTML Editor for Issues and Comments, some clients experienced a slowdown on some projects. This was mostly related to big parts of text which was inserted in the Issue description. When the Issue table was shown, these large texts were causing delays in the screen painting and the secific project was hard to handle.
    This version is improving the handling, using the following two methods:
  1. When text is copied and pasted from other programs like Word, most HTML tags are removed. Word inserts a very big amount of HTML code into the clipboard and most of it is not useful. Some tags are still copied, like <br>, <b> and <i> tags. It is still possible to do formatting inside the SurveyTester HTML Editor and use colors or bullet lists.
  2. When looking at the Issues table, only the first 256 characters of an Issue description are transfered to the browser. This makes sure that the overview will always be very fast displayed.


New HTML Editor included

  • If your project contains an initial page for selecting the survey language, Surveytester can now connect your language definition to the language selection question. This helps to set up languages and the right usage for automatic test runs and manual tests. This new feature also makes it easier to organise your work in the team, having alsways the right information for specific languages available.
    We created a new video for the language usage:


New HTML Editor included

  • When reporting new issues or making comments on existing issues, it was not possible to use any text formatting (bold, italics..) in the Issue Details form. The latest release changes this. The new Editor allows the usage of some text formatting options when describing issues. We think this will be very helpful when describing text formatting issues.


Enhanced Transport Layer security

  • There is a general suggestion not to use TLS1.0 and TLS1.1 anymore as these Protocols have known security issues. All SurveyTester serves now only work with TLS1.2 which is the up to date protocol.


Project Subscription activated

  • When there are new issues or changes for existing issues available for your projects, SurveyTester notifies you with an internal stream or via emails. Emails can be bundled hourly or daily.
    We added a new feature which makes it easier for you to follow projects. The project list now contains an eye next to the star symbol. If you click on the eye, you can see that you are subscribed to the project. For unsubscribed project, use your mouse to hover above the project name and the eye becomes visible. Once you clicked on it, it stays visible and this means that you are subscribed to that project.
    There is still the autosubscribe option available in the user settings. Here you can subscribe to all projects that are available for your user. For administrators who are also project managers, we suggest to turn off the project auto subscription and use the new eye-feature to subscribe to the projects which make sense to your project management work. Otherwise you would see all issues from all projects.


Screenshots for Issues now more precise

  • When Issues are created, testers can mark parts of the screen with their mouse. This is a useful feature to show exactly where an issue ocurred and the survey authors could see immediately what the issue is.
    With the existing way for creating screenshots however, the marks were often shifted or the screen looked not exactly how it looked on the tester's screen.

    The latest Chrome extension fixes this issue. We are now creating issue screenshots directly from the tester's browser window, making sure that everything is the same as the tester has seen it. When there are large screens it can happen that the tester sees a small flicker. For most pages this is not recognizable. This new way of creating screenshots is only applied when issues are reported.

    The other advantage is, that the issue screenshots will be available immediately without being processed by the screenshot queue. So there is no waiting time needed before survey authors can see what's going on.


Refresh Screenshots

  • SurveyTester automatically creates screenshots while manual or automatic tests are done. But sometimes a screenshot is not available and a message like "Sorry, image not found" is displayed. There are some reasons why this can happen. Sometimes, the screenshot server was not able to create the screenshot or sometimes the projects settings were not defined in the correct way.
    As we know, that screenshots are important for you, we added a refresh button to the Screen. Its at the top right of the device selection at any place where you can see a screenshot. Press the button and the screenshot will be requested again. Check our video at for a short demo (English)


New Testcase Feature added

  • This version introduces Test Cases for projects. Right now, this feature is available for Unicom Data Collection only but we will introduce the same functionality for other survey providers as well. If you need Test Cases and your Survey System is not yet supported, send us a note.

    Test Cases allow to specify structured information for your test scenarios.
    As an example, you could define that automatic tests are always using option 1 at Question Q7. Or that 30% should use option 1 and 70% should use option 2. You can set up different test scenarions and use them when needed. Also if your survey uses custom validation (e.g. for British postal codes), SurveyTester could bypass these questions. Check our video at for a short demo.


Bug fixes

  • We introduced some new bugs with version 4.5 and fixed them in 4.5.2. There were some situations where the notification list was flooded with error messages. This is fixed now. If you experience problems like that, please send a note to


Performance IMPROVEMENTS & Bug fixes

  • We optimized the internal database structure of SurveyTester and therefore can see some more performance improvements.
  • The Chrome Extension loaded some Java Scripts from the Domain As we are using this Domain for this new website, these Scripts cannot be loaded from there anymore. The scripts might be still in your cache, but you should update the Chrome Extension to get the latest versions. The update usually happens automatically and you should not have any problems after this happened. As a benefit, we now load the scripts from our global CDN (Content Delivery Network) which makes access to the script faster from any location which are outside Europe.



  • Improved performance for loading Pages & Routing and for the Issues List through internal optimizations. The lists are now loading up to 40% faster.



  • After Login, it could take a while until the whole project tree was loaded. Especially for companies with many project, this became a problem. We changed the way the tree is loaded to use different levels. Now it loads first the favorite projects, then the last used projects and after that the projects in open folders. You can speed up the process for your next login, if you collapse unused folders. If a folder is opened and the project list is not yet loaded, this will be done at the time the folder is opened. Overall, the whole process is now working about 60% faster and you can influence the speed by collapsing unused folders



  • When Classification Fields were defines, color codes for field values were not created. The only workaround was to edit the field again and set the color afterwards. This bug is now fixed.


New Features

  • We added Language Sets which allow to combine often used language settings in a set and store it on the server. The Project Language part shows now a Save and a Load Button. Sets are stored for users and once they are defined, can be used for other projects. When loading an existing set to a project, all languages defined in the set will be added to the project. After that, individual languages can be deleted, changed or other languages can be added. It is possible to repeat adding different sets to projects.
  • We added a connection to our support system. Whenever one of our support members is online, you can see a chat bar at the bottom right corner of SurveyTester. The help symbol inside SurveyTester also shows a Contact us Button which opens a support form that is directly connected to the help system.



  • SurveyDigger can now answer Sum100 questions correctly. Typically these questions show a number of numeric fields underneath. The individual entered numbers need to sum up to 100 (or any other number). When SurveyDigger gets an error message for such a question, it enters the correct values to pass the question with a correct answer.



  • When performing automatic tests with SurveyDigger, the chance of getting stuck in a single page was pretty high. Questions like "What is your yearly income" could be tricky when using pure random answers. Usually there is no upfront information on the page that SurveyDigger could use for guessing the range of valid answers.
    SurveyDigger can now interpret error messages which are shown after a wrong entry was used. Even if the first answer to a question could still be wrong, the error message gives the hint for a valid answer. This works for numeric, text and categorical answers (e.g. exclusive answers).



  • There was a problem when using a Survey URL contained a trailing space. SurveyDigger could not start the automated test in that case. Now the trailing spaces are automatically truncated. 



  • When SurveyDigger was stuck in a project, there was no feedback about the reason available. We added an email notification to the development team so it is possible to analyze the reason for the stuck process.
    SurveyDigger can get stuck in a project if there are specific input limitations used in a survey. Example: If a user shall enter his UK Post Code, SurveyDigger can hardly find the right format of UK Post Codes. After a specific number of tries, SurveyDigger gives up and starts the next task. As we are keen to avoid these situations, getting notified about the reason for a stuck process is the first step of enhancing the handling of such situations.



  • We improved the communication between SurveyDigger (The component which is creating automatic tests of a survey) and the SurveyTester backend. When automatic test runs were started, the only feedback was visible after all test runs were created. Depending on the size of the survey, this could take some time. Now the feedback to SurveyTester is created after every single test run. and the progress can be monitored.
  • It is now also possible to stopping automatic testing, once it was started. This gives more control over accidentally started automation. 


New Feature

  • Users can now identify test runs easier with giving names to test runs. Once a test run is created, it is possible to enter a name for a test run. Handling projects becomes more easy with this nice new feature. 



  • The Mobile Friendliness tests will now also run when testing manually. It used to be exclusive to automatic test runs but we adapted them to be more versatile.
  • Additionally you can filter your Mobile Friendliness results, the Pages Overview or the displayed Screenshot by language.
  • Another useful feature was added allowing you to filter your projects using a Last Changed dropdown box
  • Fixed wrong timestamps
  • Improved screenshot reliability



This new version is a major steop towards optimizing testing of surveys. SurveyTester was redesigned from scratch, using the newest technologies available for web based user interfaces. Please download and read the compact What's new in SurveyTester pdf document to learn more about the changes in SurveyTester. 


You can always see this information again with a click on the small bell at the top left and then using the diamond symbol at the bottom of the list. 


Some changes in the key concepts are:

  • The project list is not always visible anymore. As soon as you click on the hamburger menu at the top left of the screen, you will see the project list. It also contains now different views to the projects: Favourite, Recent, All and Closed Projects.
  • The administration area is located now at the top right, next to the bell.
  • If you want to logoff, you can do this by clicking on the top right symbol (your initials, or your photo)
  • The test of Surveys uses a new SurveyTester image at the bottom left. From there you can reach the Issues and also a routing information. Please check the documentation about this.

If there are any questions, please send an email to the SurveyTester team at