How SurveyTester helps you with your Manual tests

You received an email or another invitation with a test link for a survey project? If you are not familiar with SurveyTester and how to use it, here is an overview with best practices.


Open the link with Chrome on a Mac or a PC. Using Chrome is at the moment mandatoryas SurveyTester uses a Chrome extension. If the SurveyTester extension is not installed, you will see the following message.

A click on the Button will open the Google Chrome Store and offers installing the SurveyTester extension. Once the installation was sucessful, you will get a message from Chrome. You can uninstall the extension at any time if needed.

you also can Download the Chrome Extension from the Chrome Store :


Click on the test link inside your email again and you will see the first page of your survey. You can use the survey in the normal way, but the SurveyTester Chrome extension added some special features to your browser.


Additionally to the regular survey content, you will see some additional information and buttons at the bottom of the page. The right bottom corner shows the name of the question. This is useful for your own reference. The bottom left corner shows the SurveyTester menu and in some cases a number inside. The example above shows the number 1 in this bubble menu, which means that there was already one issue found and reported on this page.

The SurveyTester menu & Functions

There are 4 functions inside the Surveytester Menu available:


  1. The Routing Diagram
  2. The link to the issues list
  3. Add an Issue
  4. Exit Survey

The 3 Buttons at the middle gives you some very useful possibilities when working with the survey:

  1. Erase: This will erase all given answers. Many Survey Systems do not offer this option out of the box.
  2. AutoAnswer: Click on this button to answer all questions on the page with random answers. This is very useful especially for Grid questions or ther questions that needs to be answerd befor moving on to the next page.
  3. AutoNext: A combination of AutoAnswer and clicking the next button. This will speed up your manual process of moving to through the survey with automated answers. 

Checking reported Issues & report new ones

With a click on the 2nd symbol (the triangle with explanation mark), a popup box opens and you can see the reported issue and its details. You can also see a marked area (in yellow or other colors) which was created by the reporter of that issue. Click on the issue to see more details (2nd picture below).

If you want to report a new found issue, you can click on the + sign at the top left corner of that dialog box. Alternatively you can also use the + Button of the SurveyTester Menu. This will also open the Add Issue dialog box. Enter a description of your found error and if needed, mark the relevant part with your mouse. Underneath the issue description, you can likely add some more information like type of issue, importance and others. This definition is part of the project setup and might be different from project to project.

Important: Do not forget to press the Add button. If you miss that, the issue will NOT BE STORED.

The Routing Diagram

The first menu item inside the Surveytester Bubble Menu shows you the Routing diagram. The Green items represent your path through the survey. The other questions are part of the survey and show the sum of all tests. So you will see here also pages which are not on your path and will possibly also not be shown to you. If the Survey Manager switched that feature on for you, you can also use the diagram to jump to other pages. SurveyTester knows how to bring you there, which answers need to be used and how far to go back, before using the right answers to bring you to the selected page.

The blue Jump to page button is only available if the survey managers switched that option on for you.



There is also a short video on youtube availble which shows you the basic usage of the chrome extension:


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