When we update the browser extension, Google, Microsoft or other stores usually want to check the code and see if there are any dangerous parts inside. This process takes time and can take up to 10 days. For fixing a bug in the extension, this is not ideal, so we try to update the extension just when it is absolutely needed. Our strategy is to utilize the server more and more, doing calculations and finding out the needed answers, so that we are more flexible with needed changes.


However, if the extension is updated and you find a problem with it, you usually cannot wait up to 10 days for a solution. In such a case, we would send you the extension directly with a downlaod link and you can install the extension manually in your browser.

1. Disable the existing extension

In Chrome, use a right mouse click on the SurveyTester extension symbol and select manage extensions. 

Switch off the extension from here:

Activate Developer Mode

Activate the Developer Mode at the top right of chrome. This will show the Load Extension buttons at the top of your Chrome window.

Load Extension

Click on the first button, named "Load unpacked extension" and select the unzipped folder, which you received from support. make sure the folder contains the manifest file.

After selecting OK / Open / Select, the extension is loaded.

Click on the small left-arrow to see the extension overview. There you can see that the extension is loaded. Manually loaded extension always show version number 1.0.5.

You can now use the manually loaded extension. When you restart your browser, you might get a warning or possibly need to activate the extension manually again. This is a Chrome security feature. 


Finally, when the officially available Chrome extension is deploed in Chrome store, you can use this for continuing of your testings.


If there are any questions, please contact support@surveytester.com