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If you are an existing SurveyTester User and need help, we are happy to assist you. The fastest way to get help is to use the following support form. Please describe exactly what the problem is and which area of SurveyTester is affected. Please make sure to check also our service status.

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Known Problems

  1. Problem: When you try to test with Chrome the first time on a new PC, you get the following notification/error:

    Please install the SurveyTester browser extension

    To test this survey, we kindly ask you to install the SurveyTester browser extension. We built it to make your testing simpler, faster, less boring and more fun. Read more.

    The extension is currently only supported in Google Chrome

    Please use Google Chrome to test this survey

    Solution: SurveyTester cannot identify if the Extension is installed. In the case that the link to the extension is not shown, you can download it from the chrome store with the following link: