1. Project Details

Project Attributes


Project Name: An alphanumeric field for the informal project name.


Project Type: The type of survey being tested. Supported survey platforms include: SPSS Data Collection, Confirmit, Kinesis, Lime Survey, Firefly, Rogator, SurveyWriter. Additional platforms can be added at user’s request.


Survey Link: The URL of the survey, website, or any other document to be tested.


Project Folder: A List box to select a previously defined folder.


Default Language: Main language of the project.


Classification Field Set: SurveyTester allows you to have multiple sets of classification fields that can be appropriate for internal testers, external clients, programmers, etc.


Project Manager: Drop-down list of active/defined users.


Finish Date: The anticipated date that testing will close.


Additional Settings

Use Browser Extension for testing: SurveyTester now has a browser extension that brings features you definitely don’t want to miss. This new extension for your Chrome browser improves and changes the way you can test your surveys. See page 68 for more details. If you select this option, you must then use Chrome with the 2x4 extension to test all survey types.


Closed Project: Selecting this item will ‘close’ this project and move it to the closed Projects folder in the Project structure.



In this version of SurveyTester we have moved many project items to a menu bar on the left of the project Details form.

Project Languages

You may create custom links that launch the survey in any of the languages in which the survey has been coded. The Parameter that is specified will be appended to the default survey link. These parameters vary by Survey Software platform.


Test Links

Name: The name of the user/client for whom this external test link was created.


Link: The link to the survey being hosted on your data collection product.




Expire Date: date the link expires


Project Languages: The languages in which the survey might be launched.


Copy to Clipboard: Clicking on this item will copy the project survey URL Link to your systems clipboard, so you can easily paste it into an email.



Screenshot Devices


When you define a project you can now specify for which devices you would like to render screen shots. Clicking on a device will change the color to blue and enable the rendering.



Project managers can upload any type of document to the system that is related to the project. This allows testers to have consistent access to all related and current documents, such as the latest version of the survey. See page 33 for more details

Project Tasks

Project managers can specify Project Tasks. Under the Project Tasks tab, project managers can direct users to test specific items and set deadlines for tasks


User and Role Management

You can also specify which SurveyTester users have access to this project. Permissions to view a survey project can be assigned at the user and/or role level. Only users who do not currently have access to the project through a role are shown in the Add list.



Clicking on the Create Backup check box will create a backup of the project at its current state. That backup will then appear in the Settings/Backup tab. After the backup is created you can un-check this box to change the project status back to open/active.

1.2 Project Creation


It is very easy to create a new project.


First, you will need the URL for the survey to be tested. The survey is hosted in your internal servers (if you are running on-site software) or on the servers of your survey-hosting firm (Confirmit, Voxco, etc.).


The URL must be accessible via the internet and not just an internal, intranet link. The SurveyTester servers must be able to access the URL.


Next, click on the Create new project button on the top of the Projects tab. 

This will launch the Project Definition form.



  1. The Project Name.
  2. The Project Folder location
  3. The Project Type (survey provider or generic website)
  4. The Default Language
  5. The Classification Field Set to be used

The Project Type (survey provider or generic website)

The Default Language

The Classification Field Set to be used

Then click the CREATE button.


You will then be presented with the Project Details form where you will enter the URL for the survey.

Surveys remain on your server; they are not transferred off of your machines.

Simply cut and past the URL from your Survey tool into the Survey Link box.


Your actual survey files are never moved to our servers, we will simply launch your web survey within the SurveyTester frame.


You can now set a few more project parameters.


Finish Date:  The specification of a project test Finish Date is at your discretion.


Use Browser Extension for testing: SurveyTester now has a browser extension that brings features you definitely don’t want to miss. This new extension for your Chrome browser improves and changes the way you can test your surveys. If you check this option the test runs must then be done only in Chrome browser. See page 64 for more details.


Closed Project: Selecting this item will ‘close’ this project and move it to the closed Projects folder in the Project structure. Please do not select this check box when creating a new project.

1.3 Test Links

Specific tester links can be generated for external testers. This allows clients who do not have access to the SurveyTester system to complete test runs. They will see the same tester menu bar and be allowed to report issues, and view issues already entered by other testers (if they have permission to do so), but they will not need to log into SurveyTester itself.


External testers (such as clients) can only view issues that have been reported by other external testers, not those that have been reported by internal testers. This allows you to run numerous tests and fix dozens of problems, while also allowing clients to run tests using the same SurveyTester project. That way all comments are recorded in the same SurveyTester project, but the client is not aware of the issues that have already been encountered and fixed. (Yes, this was added at the request of one of our clients!).


When a custom link is created the project manager has the ability to set an expiration date for the link, and other parameters.

The link can be e-mailed to the external tester directly from SurveyTester (see the Mail Templates section for more information) or you can simply cut and paste the link and send an e-mail from your own account.


Sample Link:



Note that the link actually points to the SurveyTester server and not yours. This is a security measure. The survey itself is still only located on your servers. However, SurveyTester generates a link that does not reveal your server address. If your survey uses HTTPS with an SSL encryption, the SurveyTester Link will also use HTTPS. Otherwise, it will use HTTP for the test link.


External testers will see a message informing them of the Chrome Extension which they can/should then download for using SurveyTester.


1.4 Assign Users/Roles


You can also specify which SurveyTester users have access to this project. You may give access rights based on user name and/or role. Users that have access through their role are not shown in the users list.




1.5 Project Languages


Sometimes you may need to test a survey in several different languages. In SurveyTester, you have the ability to have one project that collects notes for all languages of the survey in the same test project.


Quite often when conducting a survey in different languages, you will have a different link/URL for each language or the same link with a different parameter.


The following example is for SPSS Data Collection. Each survey system handles things differently so speak to your Survey IT administrative manager for details relevant to your survey platform.


For example, a SurveyTester demo project where the default survey language is German and a test is also being conducted in English might look like this:


German: https://www.feedback-experts.com/mrIWeb/mrIWeb.dll?I.Project=SURVEYTESTERDEMO&i.test=1

English: https://www.feedback-experts.com/mrIWeb/mrIWeb.dll?I.Project=SURVEYTESTERDEMO&i.test=1&i.user1=en


In SPSS Data Collection the “i.user1=en” parameter indicates the English language. To use that link parameter in SurveyTester you simply have to define the “&i.user1=” parameter for the English language.    


To launch the survey in additional languages, you click on the Add Language item on the Project Details form and specify the additional Language and the Parameter to be added to the default survey link. Please do not add the “&” sign in front of the Parameter as SurveyTester will add this automatically.

When configured correctly the additional languages are displayed under the Test Survey menu item.

When adding issues the tested language is now saved:

Your project has now been activated and is ready for reviewers.