11.0 Browser Extension for Chrome

SurveyTester now has a browser extension that adds new features you definitely don’t want to miss. This new extension for your CHROME browser improves and changes the way you can test your surveys.


Since we started developing SurveyTester, we always relied on some critical parts of web/html technology when it came to testing the surveys. We tried many tricks to achieve an excellent experience but things like loading times and support for more survey products were challenging.


That’s why we started searching for other solutions and have developed a SurveyTester browser extension.


Just before starting a test run of your survey, SurveyTester will notify and enable you to install the extension with just two mouse clicks.

Here are just a few reason why we think it will be great for you:

  1. It’s much faster. Nothing stands between the survey server and the browser. We minimized our impact on the survey pages. That helps ensure every survey page will look just like it would without SurveyTester being involved.
  2. Improved issues. We did a complete redesign to make SurveyTester faster, more efficient and also more fun to use. Comments in issues are also now supported.
  3. The user interface is separated from the survey. That means the issue box can stay open while testing the survey, even between page loads.
  4. Dynamic surveys are supported. Ajax requests are no longer a problem...
  5. More survey technologies are already supported only with the extension, including ConfirmIt, Unicom/IBM/SPSS, Decipher, Askia, Nebu, Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey and Voxco. More will come.


You can install it now with just two clicks!


Open Chrome and then copy this link into the Chrome browser. (If you open the link in a different browser it will not take you to the SurveyTester extension).




  1. Reload SurveyTester in the Chrome browser.
  2. Select your project and click on Test survey, you should then see the option to run automatic test runs.

External Testers


Of course, we didn’t forget the test link users.


Since they don’t even have a SurveyTester account, we want them to have even less trouble with an extension for testing surveys. So, this easy and fast way to get the extension also applies to test links.


Whoever receives and starts a test link, will see a nice message, notifying them about the Chrome extension. Again just two button clicks later, the tester is already inside the survey and can concentrate on testing it.