5. Issues

The Issues form allows users to review all reported issues in a project. To prevent reporting already known issues, secondary testers will want to review the issue list before they start testing. This saves a tremendous amount of time and effort (if only because testers do not have to review dozens of e‑mails). Testers can also view reported issues on each page as they progress through the survey. 

Just select an item and click EDIT to review and alter any settings.

You can easily chose what columns you would like displayed on this page by clicking on the Column Chooser icon.

And then just drag a column into that box to remove it from the ISSUES page.

5.1 Show Screenshot


This item shows the actual screen as seen by the tester who reported the issue as it was at the time.

SurveyTester renders it in several different browser versions. By clicking an image (while in SurveyTester), you can enlarge it to its full screen size. 

The screen shots are rendered in browser/device emulators on our servers. This is done automatically and saves testers hours of time by not having to launch the survey in dozens of devices and browsers to find layout issues.


Screenshots can take some time to be produced and therefore there is an asynchronous queuing mechanism implemented. If a screenshot is not yet produced, you will see a placeholder instead of the screenshot. Different screenshot engines on our servers have different speeds, so there may be some screenshots produced earlier than others.


Please note that the original HTML code of the test will be used for the screenshots. So if a tester uses Firefox, the screenshots will be used with that HTML code. If your survey system optimizes HTML code for specific browsers, the result will be different than what you might expect. We will add full support for multiple instances of HTML code with one of the next versions of SurveyTester.



5.2 Show Issue Change History


If programmers and project managers have made changes/adjustments to a reported issue, those changes are tracked and available for review by subscribing to the issue. Just select an Issue from the list and click on the subscribe button in the upper right. It will then turn blue. Anytime a change or comment is made to that Issue, you will be notified. 

A number in the (now) Blue Bell indicates you have 3 updates to Issues to which you have Subscribed. 

Clicking on the bell will show you those updates.

5.3 Export


All issues can be exported for archival purposes and further analysis, such as: what are the most common coding errors, what are the most common client change requests (these are often billable),

which programmers tend to make which types of errors (some training on those items would then prove very beneficial to reducing coding time on future projects), etc.

  1. Open a project
  2. Access the Project Issues tab on top
  3. Click the Excel export icon bottom on the top right of the grid.

5.4 Edit


When you click on Edit, you will see a form with many parameters for the issue. The appearance of the form can change substantially from company to company because the contents of the form are under the control of the system administrator. 

Programmers who have fixed items and wish to enter notes on the item use this form most often.

Some programmers/scripters prefer to complete the form as they go; others concentrate on fixing the issues and then, when they have a free moment, go back and complete this form. (See the Administration of SurveyTester section for more information).


Programmers may also use this form to submit questions to the reviewer who entered the item, asking for any clarifications that might be needed.


Clicking on the show ALL screen shot menu item will show all the screen shots for this particular item (as demonstrated in section 7.1 Show Screenshot). It may take a few minutes to render some of them.


When the programmers/scripters have finished working on the issue, they can assign it a different status (fixed, closed, re-test, etc.).

5.5 Add Issue


An Add Issue menu item allows programmers and testers to add items in ‘bulk mode’ without having to launch the actual survey. The disadvantage to this is that no screen shots are rendered, but some clients have found this feature very helpful, especially in a phase where specific page checks need to be documented before the survey is available.

The initial choices for a category item, such as Status and Issue Type, are first in the classification list being used for the project. (See pages 56-70 for more information). 

5.6 Add Comment


We added a simple but effective way to enter comments on an issue.


By clicking on the “has comments” box in the issues table, a popup window opens and lets you see existing comments and create new comments for that issue..