5. User Administration

5.1 Manage Roles


Each site can determine the number of roles and the activity permissions assigned to each of those roles.


Permissions are assigned on a Role basis. The following is the current list of permission settings.

The following are some examples we have seen in use: administrators, project managers, internal testers, and external testers (clients).



5.1.1 Login with Administrator Permission


Administrators typically have the rights to all activities.

5.1.2 Login with Project Manager Permission


Project managers typically have the rights to all activities other than Administration and System Settings.

5.1.3 Login with Internal QA Client Permission


Users with the role of QA Client may review and create new issues for all projects. They typically have no access to project-creation items. 

5.1.4 Login with External Client Permission


Users with the role of External Client may review and create new issues, nothing more. They have access only to the projects assigned to that single client name/login.

5.1.5 Reviewers without Login Permission


You can also create and e-mail external tester links that allow a reviewer to test a survey project without logging into the SurveyTester system. The link is created on the Project Details form.

The link can be e-mailed to the external tester directly from SurveyTester (see the Mail Templates section for more information) or you can simply cut and paste the link and send an e-mail from your own account.


5.2 Manage Users


Users are defined with a few simple characteristics.

Once created, a user’s details can be easily edited by selecting the specific user from the user list and clicking on the Edit button.

Password re-set e-mails can be automatically sent by SurveyTester.