7.0 Test Runs

The Test Runs form shows a list of all test runs. Items include the browser used by the tester, their operating system, the language of the survey tested, the date and time of the test run, whether the test run was new or a repeat (play back) of a previous test run, and the last page encountered on that test run. (This feature can be an easy way to determine which testers dropped out before the end of the survey).

A project manager or programmer can select any test run and click on the Repeat Test Run menu item. This will allow you to replicate the exact routing taken by the original tester.


You can also select a specific question to jump to in that test run. This can save time while investigating a specific problem (like a routing issue). 

The test run can be repeated with a new instance of the survey. If the survey has changed since the test run was completed, the test run will use the originally stored answers in the new survey version. If the new version of the survey is using different routing (e.g. a new question was introduced), the test run repetition will stop at the question where it differs. The user can then take control again.

Above, a progress bar shows the routing that was followed as the tool moves down to the HowDrink question.

The bottom portion of the Test Runs forms show the steps that were taken during that test run, which can be useful when tracking routing issues. In this version of ST we now also show the choices/responses chosen by the tester in that test run.

Clicking on the response item (the gray box) and then on the Show Screenshot menu item will display the screen shots rendered by the system for the selected page.