8. Routing

The Routing button shows a diagram of the routing in the survey; this is a cumulative routing based on all the test runs for this project.

The first time you view the Routing form in SurveyTester, you will probably see a very simple routing diagram.

In this version of SurveyTester, the previous responses entered by testers is shown, in gray, in the routing diagram.


Click on the Hide Answers button to just show the routing diagram.

As more and more tests are run, and users move through the various routings in the survey, the routing diagram will get more and more complex.


While testing a survey, you can now click on any question in the flow diagram to jump to it. It even works if the question is completely out of your current branch.


No new test run will be started, but the shortest way from the question you currently are, to the target question is being calculated and automatically processed in just a few seconds.

This allows you to freely move inside of your survey like never before


You can also “hide” the number of testers who tested that question, and whether to color code the question names.

You can the choose to download an image file (routing.png) of the current routing diagram


You can now also display and resize screen captures on the Routing page.

Click on any screen capture to launch a zoomed in screen capture.


Track all label changes.


In every survey spelling mistakes and wording ‘corrections”: are often (always) made, and now SurveyTester helps you to manage them. In this release all changes made to the labels of your survey are being recognized by SurveyTester.


 They are saved with a time stamp and can be accessed at any time:


Try it out!

  1. Go to "Pages & Routing" of your survey
  2. Select a page
  3. Click on "View label change history"