We will start with a short review of how a tester/user would log into SurveyTester and launch a survey for testing.


We will then review each of the forms and tabs in the system (starting on page 15), followed by a review of the administrative aspects (starting on page 67) of SurveyTester.


A separate document (SurveyTesterClient.pdf) contains user instructions and can be supplied to external (client) testers who will not need to login to the SurveyTester system.


In SurveyTester 4.3.0 (June 2017) we introduced an extension to the Chrome Browser that adds significant functionality (behind the screen) to SurveyTester. The extension also results in some changes to the user interface that you will encounter. In this document we show screen captures displaying the forms as they will be seen if you are, or are not, using the SurveyTester extension.


The following terms are used in SurveyTester:


Project: Can be a survey, website, or any item where a Web-based tool can be used to collect and coordinate notes or issues on a topic.


Issue: An item that needs to be addressed/fixed.


Classification Fields: An issue reporting field like “priority” or “error type.”  The classification fields are created by the assigned administrators—every organisation needs different classification fields.


Test Run: A single test of a survey with its exact sequence of test run steps.


Test Run Step: An individual page/step in a test run.


Status: Codes to inform users of the status of an issue (open, re-test, closed, rejected…).


Priorities: The level of importance (high, medium, low, urgent, etc.) assigned to an issue.


Administrator: The person responsible for managing the company account. Administrators have full control over all aspects of the company account and can create groups, users, qualification field sets and manage project backups. Typically, only a small group of persons are given administrator status.


Project Managers: The person responsible for managing the project in SurveyTester. Project managers can create projects and other SurveyTester items. Typically, your project manager or scripters/programmers are given this status.


Internal Tester: A person assigned to review/test the project. Internal Testers have rights to login into SurveyTester. They can launch a project and test/review it. Testers can be assigned to work on projects belonging to one or more client accounts.


Client Tester: Can be either a holding account for the assignment of projects or an actual login name/tester. When used as a login account, clients can see only projects that belong to their client account.