SurveyTester Reference Guide

This section is a reference guide that details all of the components in SurveyTester. If you are just testing a survey, you do not need to read this section. However, you may find it very useful.  

SurveyTester Forms/Tabs

There are currently eleven forms/tabs in SurveyTester. The site administrator can determine on a user/role basis which forms are viewable by which users.

SurveyTester Forms

  1. Project Details – Create new project or backup existing project
  2. Project Issues – A list of all problems previously found in the project by any and all testers
  3. Pages & Routing – Number of issues by page of the survey. A view of the routing in the survey that shows more details and allows drill down into screenshots and issues
  4. Test Runs – A summary of all previous test runs
  5. Test Survey – A button to launch the survey and allow you to test it