Installing the SurveyTester Browser Extension

Install from the Google Chrome Store

The SurveyTester Browser Extension is available in the Google Chrome Store, but not public listed there. As the Extension only works with SurveyTester, we decided not to list it in the Chrome Store Catalog.

When you start a test with SurveyTester, it checks if the extension is installed and offers to forward you to the Chrome Store. If the link is not showing up for you, you can also click on the following link to download the SurveyTester Browser Extension:

Manual Installation

Bellows, you see a list of the published versions of the SurveyTester Extension. While the Google Chrome Store (and other Stores) only offer the latest version, you have more flexibility when installing the extension manually.

Follow these simple steps for a manual installation

1. Navigate to chrome://extensions. You need to type in this link inside the browser search bar

2. Check on the top right corner that the Developer Mode is switched on.

3. Unzip the Extension in a folder on your hard drive, e.g., c:\SurveyTesterExtension

Then use the Load Unpacked Extension in the top left corner of your browser to install the SurveyTester Extension. When you need to specify a directory where the extension is located, navigate to c:\SurveytesterExtension.

4. Deactivate the “old” extension and make sure only the manually installed extension is active.

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