Login to SurveyTester

Existing SurveyTester users can login directly at the server where their account is registered.

Public Servers

If you have a login to the public SurveyTester Cloud, on the correct location get to the login.

Chrome Extension

SurveyTester uses a Chrome extension for doing manual tests. If you start testing, you will get a notification to download the extension (or to change your browser if Chrome is not used). In the case that the link to the extension is not shown, you can download it from the chrome store with the following link:


Company specific Server

Many companies are using a dedicated server for SurveyTester Server. Please make sure you will use the correct server for login. Usually this is a URL like https://abc.surveytester.com, where abc stands for the company name.

Problems with your Login?

Please contact us with the below form, if you have trouble finding the right server name or cannot login to SurveyTester.

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.