Since the very beginning of SurveyTester years ago, every client requested that one feature – Automated Survey Testing. Today we can announce that this is possible. You can look forward to settling back, while SurveyTester does all the work for you!

Testing requires humans?

Is testing surveys a tedious task? Necessary, but boring and repetitive? Well, that’s why there is SurveyTester, right? Everything gets done easier, faster, and much more. But what if you could really completely skip the testing part? That would be awesome, think of all the time that you would save!

But how? Testing surveys is really complex and can only be done by humans. Computers can not replace a human yet. That’s right, and we can not change that completely. Until the day when robots can complete surveys for us, controlled automatically, we will always need to do it ourselves. But often, all you want to do is to take a look at some pages of your survey. A screenshot is enough to make sure that everything is fine with the page. Programmers know that the biggest effort in small bug fixing is to control that it’s really working. Rest assured, this can be automated today.

What does it look like?

This is a screenshot of the interface inside SurveyTester. It offers you to either start a manual test as usual or to set off some automated test runs. All you need to do is to click your mouse twice. The first one directs you to the dark grey button where you can also select a number of automated runs, the second one to the blue button on the bottom.

After that several robots will do your survey 10 times with random answers. They log everything from label changes to screenshots and the routing for you. You will be notified as soon as all the runs are complete and you will immediately be able to see the screenshots and all gathered data.

Could there be an easier way to automated survey testing?

Gain an advantage out of the data!

These robots have completed your survey a few times now. What do you do?

The gathered data is directly transferred and put into SurveyTester. All the test runs appear just the same as any other test runs, as if they were manually done by humans. Take a look at this screenshot:

You can see an overview of test runs inside SurveyTester. Each row of the table represents one test run.

The first two rows are from the automated survey testing feature. The next two rows are from my manual testing. As you can see, automate and manual test runs do not differ, except for the name.

This means that you can check the screenshots of the pages as always in the pages menu tab. You can repeat any test run, jump to any page inside them and also check the detected labels as you did before.

The difference to other automated testing tools!

Other tools like BrowserStack are really great and much better for normal websites, but they just can’t do surveys. Surveys are different from any other website in so many ways. There are tons of different survey technologies. Each of them requires in-depth knowledge on how they are built to understand them.

No other tool can automatically give random answers to surveys as SurveyTester does. But this is important to go beyond the first page of a survey and not being stuck at some page. Also, no other tool can analyze the given answers and their labels, build a routing tree out of the data and enable you to repeat any test run by yourself.

SurveyTester is the only tool out there for automated survey testing!

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