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Training Videos

Training Videos

Training videos are of great help when learning the basics of SurveyTester. They are here to help you get you familiarized with the software and to get you up and running with all the functions it has to offer.

There are individual tutorials and a complete walk-through for you to choose from. To get started, we suggest watching the initial walk through video, that will help you to create your first project with SurveyTester and to give you a short overview of the system.

The initial walk through video will help you with:

  • signing in on SurveyTester
  • creating your first project
  • starting your first test run on your Survey
  • giving you a short overview of the system.

Test cases help SurveyTester passing your screener parts of your surveys with any complexity. In this short video you can learn:

  • how to utilize the taste case feature
  • to pass screeners and force answers to questions that are needed to test different routing logics

The video will guide you through the feature of handling multiple languages in your Survey. It will:

  • guide you through setting up the project using multiple languages
  • show you how to set up languages manually or use a language set you have already defined
  • show you how to do test runs using multiple languages

Dieses Video führt Sie durch die Funktion der Handhabung mehrerer Sprachen in Ihrer Umfrage. Das Video:

  • führt Sie durch die Einrichtung des Projekts in mehreren Sprachen
  • zeigt Ihnen, wie Sie Sprachen manuell einrichten oder ein bereits definiertes Sprachset verwenden
  • zeigt, wie man Testläufe mit mehreren Sprachen durchführt

This video shows a new feature in SurveyTester when creating screenshots in manual or automated test runs. It shows you:

  • what to do if screenshots are not created
  • how to recreate a single screenshot that is missing

This video shows a very quick overview of SurveyTester’s feature for using multiple languages in a survey.

This video gives you a complete training to SurveyTester. It shows you:

  • what SurveyTester is all about and how it works
  • all key features and details you need to work effectively with SurveyTester

This video shows the testers how to:

  • work with SurveyTester
  • report issues to the developer/s
  • use the auto answer feature

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