Understanding Reported Issues

Sometimes, it is hard to understand why an issue was reported, and the Survey Author needs the complete Answer Log from the tester.

The “Traditional Way”

When a Survey Author wants to see the full Answer Log of a tester who reported an issue, they need to get the answers from the Survey Database and rerun the survey with the same responses. This can be not easy, especially for grid questions, because the answers are not easy to read in the export. However, this is the only way to repeat a test run with the same answers as the tester.

The SurveyTester Way

SurveyTester offers multiple options for speeding up this process:

  • You can see the whole test path with all the tester’s answers, so you can quickly identify and report any issues. Even if you went back and changed some answers, SurveyTester will show you exactly how you got to the problem.
  • You can start a new test run and let SurveyTester fill in the answers to quickly get to where you want to test. This is useful for repeating tests, finding bugs, and checking if they are fixed in a new survey version. This can save you a lot of time and hassle in every project.

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