Create Dummy Data on the Survey System

The “Traditional Way”

There are two options to generate dummy data for the survey system: using many manual tests or the internal data creation feature. However, neither of these options takes advantage of any training effect, so they only serve the purpose of creating large amounts of data. The data creation process does not include a routing diagram, an automatic missing image detection, screenshots, or any work saving beyond the scope of dummy data generation.

The SurveyTester Way

SurveyTester is an excellent tool for testing surveys visually and interactively. Unlike internal tools that only use input fields or directly access the database, SurveyTester lets you see and experience the survey as a respondent would. SurveyTester also operates in e2e test mode, which means it can test the whole survey from start to finish. SurveyTester has an innovative learning feature analyzes the survey structure and generates better test data.

You can also get more information from SurveyTester, such as a Survey Flow Diagram showing how the survey logic works. SurveyBots are another excellent feature of SurveyTester. They run asynchronously on our servers, so you don’t have to wait for them to finish. You can do other tasks while they test your survey in the background.

The Routing Diagram shows the Survey Flow

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