Flexible SurveyTester subscription model per project and not per user

The “Traditional Way”

Some software solutions charge high fees for each additional user. This can be a significant expense for a team of 200 members working on 100 projects per year and only needing bug-tracking functionality. For example, the Jira Standard Plan costs USD 28,400 annually for such a team (Price from 2024 on their website).

The SurveyTester Way

At SurveyTester, we want you to get the most out of your projects. That’s why we offer flexible subscriptions that let you add as many users as you need, whether they are Survey Authors, Project Managers, Team Leaders, or Customers. You can collaborate with your team and clients quickly and efficiently and enjoy the benefits of our powerful features and tools. Keep yourself from a fixed number of users. Join SurveyTester today and unleash your project’s potential!

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