While on vacation in Greece, I usually work on some ideas for SurveyTester. This time, my wife (an artist and certified coach) gave me the task of listing 50 reasons to use SurveyTester.

Wow – 50 individual reasons are a lot. Typically, anybody can find 10-15 topics for a product or service, but 50 …

Anyway, I started, and in one day I reached 54! I was impressed by myself 🙂 Rechecking the list, there were some duplicates, so finally, I finished with 47. Still not too bad.

So, what can I do with this list? It can be a good sales tool, asking prospects about each topic and their current approach to handling them in their QA business.

A second thought was about creating a blog, and instead of writing one giant blog post, I will make one for each reason to use SurveyTester. So watch out for more posts in the following days and weeks.

If you want the Excel List with all 50 items, email me at bwitt@surveytester.com.

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