Hidden Questions

While in test mode, many projects contain “Hidden Questions” for displaying status information about the used sample or screenout codes. Typically, the survey system populates answers for these hidden questions, and SurveyTester should not change these answers.

Use one of the following methods to force SurveyTester (and also the Survey Bots) not to give any automatic answers:

  • Mark the questions as read-only.
  • Add any of the following keywords to the page label or banned:
    • ConfirmIt:
      • [HIDDEN DATA]
    • Dimensions:
      • This question is only visible in the T
      • Shown for testing purpose only
  • Add any of the following class names to any HTML Element:
    • ConfirmIt:
      • ir-hidden-question

Other keywords or support for other Survey Systems are currently not implemented. Please get in touch with us for any needed changes.

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