Individual User Account management

Each user has some control over their own login account. They can access these details by clicking on their initials in the upper right-hand corner of the main SurveyTester menu bar. And then select My Account.

You are then presented with some account settings. By default, the Time Zone will be set to the location of the SurveyTester Server.

Scrolling down on the Notify via email item will present some subscription items.

Email notifications are only sent on projects assigned to a user.
Emails can be sent daily, hourly, or whenever an issue has been added or updated.

If Autosubcribe new projects are checked, you will be sent emails for all new projects to which the project manager/creator has added your user account.

If Autosubscribe to new issues is selected, you will be informed of any further issue added to your assigned projects. If this item is not checked, you will only be notified of changes to issues you have subscribed to via the Issue Details form accessed on the Project Issues page.

To subscribe to notifications for an issue, select the issue you wish to subscribe to and click on the EDIT menu item in the lower right-hand corner.

Clicking on the Unsubscribed item will change the setting to subscribed (and the color of that item to blue).

If you prefer not to receive emails, click the Bell Icon on the main SurveyTester menu bar to see new or changed issues on your assigned projects.

You will then see a list of items added and/or changed for the projects to which you are assigned.

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