Users and Roles

SurveyTester uses a sophisticated and flexible system for controlling users and permissions. Each user can hold one or multiple roles with permissions to SurveyTester’s various areas.

When you click on the Administration Gear at the top right of the screen, you will find Users and Roles in the list in the left corner.

Let’s start with the Roles menu. Initially, you should find three predefined roles: Administrators, Project Managers, and Internal Testers – no hard-wired roles exist. Click on the Administrator Role to see which permissions members of this role have.

At the top, you can see the Role Name. If you want, you can change the name without any harmful side effects. All users with that role attached are still connected after you change the name. You can also change the role name and click on the duplicate Button at the bottom. You can generate a role copy this way.

The Description field helps add more information about the role. Sometimes, you want to create a role just for one of your customers’ projects. Add all needed information in the Description.

The next part shows a list of all available SurveyTester permissions. Depending on the role, some of these permissions are checked or unchecked. The checked permissions are available for the role, the unchecked are not available.

Note: You only can see permissions that you own in any of your roles. If you delete an Administration Role permission, you will lose that permission and cannot control it anymore. 

We suggest that you keep the Administrator role with all available permissions. If you remove a permission item from the Administration role, you cannot see that permission anymore and cannot use it for other roles. If you lose a permission item, please get in touch with support to get back the item.

The permissions are implemented very granularly, so you can create your role precisely as needed.

Tip: You can assign multiple roles to any user. They will get a combination of different permissions defined in their assigned roles.

Tip: You can create Roles with no permissions and assign these to specific teams. Let’s say you make the role “Customer A” and give it to all users who work on projects for Customer A. You can then assign the Customer A role to projects for Customer A, so only these users can work with Customer A’s projects.

You can delete the role if you create a role you no longer need. Click the Delete Role Button, then confirm the deletion in a new Popup Box.

Tip: If you use SurveyTesters SAML integration for Microsoft Azure, you will find an extra field for matching AD Roles with SurveyTester Roles.

Let’s now add some users to SurveyTester:

The User List shows all currently defined users for your company. If you want to add new users, click the Add User button at the bottom of the page.

Enter new users’ email addresses, separated with a comma or a semicolon in the first input field, and select the roles for that new user in the second line. You can add multiple roles, but we suggest using the Administrator role only for a few users you create. The 3rd line indicates if the new users should get an invitation email. You should always send these emails because new users must enter details like first name, last name, preferred time zone, and choose a password.

Once the new user is created, you can manage the user’s role membership and other details. You will see if users clicked on the link in the welcome email because these users will have first and last names in the user list.

Tip: If you use SurveyTester’s SAML integration with your Microsoft Azure Domain settings, you do not need to create new users because they are assigned through your Domain administrators.

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