Time and Dates in the wrong time zone


SurveyTester uses the wrong time zone when it shows the creation date or the change date of issues. Other Date and time settings are also shown in the wrong time zone.


SurveyTester shows any date and time info in your timezone. Therefore it is essential that you set up the timezone in your user profile the right way. If you missed defining your timezone, open your user settings with a click on your user picture or your initials in the top left corner of the screen. After that, click on My Account, and you can see your user setting:

You can change various items, but the timezone is the most important. You can click on the field and then use the backspace key to remove the current timezone. Then you can type in the details to find your timezone.

As an example, if you type in “east”, you will filter the list to just three lines and very quickly find Eastern Time (US & Canada). So there is no need to scroll through the whole list of timezones.

You might wonder why SurveyTester does not automatically detect your timezone. Many users work in customers’ time zones in an internationally organized world. Or they work from home, and their office and colleagues are in another time zone. Another reason might be related to short-term travel when a user is physically located in a different time zone but is mentally still working in their home time zone.

There are many reasons why we do not want that SurveyTester needs to guess which time zone you want to see; therefore, it relies on your correct settings.

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