Project Languages

Sometimes you may need to test a survey in several different languages. In SurveyTester, you can have one project that collects notes for all languages of the survey in the same test project.

When conducting a survey in different languages, you often have a separate link/URL for each language or the same link with another parameter.

The following example is for SPSS Data Collection. Each survey system handles things differently, so speak to your Survey IT administrative manager for details relevant to your survey platform.

For example, a SurveyTester demo project where the default survey language is German, and a test is also being conducted in English might look like this:

German: English:

In SPSS Data Collection the “&i.user1=en” parameter indicates the English language. To use that link parameter in SurveyTester, you must define the “i.user1=en” parameter for the English language.

To launch the survey in additional languages, click the Add Language item on the Project details form and specify the other Language and the Parameter to be added to the default survey link.

Please do not add the “&” sign in front of the parameter, as SurveyTester will add this automatically.

The additional languages are configured under the Test Survey menu item when configured correctly.

The tested language is saved in the test run results:

Your project has now been activated and is ready for reviewers.

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