I cannot see any issues.


The Issues page shows that there are several issues available, but I cannot see any issues. This happens for all projects but only with my user. Other users can see the issues.

Answer 1

There are three main reasons why you cannot see issues.

You used a search filter, and there is no match for the entered text (See red arrow), while you still can see the Column Names of the table (green arrow). In this case, remove the text from the yellow field.

Answer 2

You used a Result Filter with no matches. Like the first reason above, an active Result Filter can prevent issues shown on the screen. You can identify an active Result Filter by the red filter symbol (see red arrow):

You can click on the red ResultFilter and switch the filter off or remove the filter definition:

Answer 3

If you do not see any issues or table headings, you might have unselected all columns from the Column Selector. The Column Selector allows you to define which columns for a table are relevant to you. The definition is stored on the server within your user profile, and the stored Standard Columns are applied to all projects. Click on the Column Selector Symbol to fix this problem:

Select all relevant columns that you would like to see on the issues table.


Finally, you should see the issues again:

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